Art in Quarantine!

By Lydia, (9th grade, from Auburn, WA)

               I love doing art, and it’s always been a huge passion of mine. I discovered when I was little that I loved painting and drawing, and throughout high school, I’ve continued this passion. I’ve taken as many art classes as were offered to me, and one year I even attended an architectural firm to study the art used in buildings and apartment logos. It’s just something that I find myself lost in and can spend literally hours doing on end. Below is some of the art that I’ve done:

               I’ve often received questions, such as, how did you get so good at painting? Where do you come up with your ideas? And usually, I just say that it took a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. But actually, while yes it did take about 80% hard work and effort, the other 20% came from online help such as YouTube videos, online art classes, etc. So I’m here to share them with you! My favorite (free!) online art classes have been:

  • Skillshare – This website was so helpful when I began learning digital art and concept art! Highly recommend!
  • Klinecreative – This website has amazing online drawing lessons for all skill levels; I learned a lot about shading and perspective, and I still use their lessons to this day
  • YouTube (obvi) – Can’t forget about YouTube! While it may seem obvious, it has so many artists showing you the step-by-step of their projects and how they achieve their goals, so don’t count it out!

               There are so many resources that you can find online, but those are just to get you started! And really, contact me if you have any questions, I’d love to help!



About the Author:

Lydia is a freshman at Bellevue High School, and she enjoys reading and biology in school. In her free time, outside of doing art, she likes to play with her dog Sparky and bake merengues.

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