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How to become a Pencils4Progress Author:

Step 1:

Write approximately 300-500 words on a subject that you’re passionate about with any images you want to include.

Step 2:

Include at least 3 resources (preferably free resources for most accessibility) that you used to further your skills in this subject or that you think would help the public learn more about your topic and explain why you chose these resources.

Step 3:

Email your article and a brief About the Author to us at

>> The About the Author is a short summary of who you are (ex: your interests, instagram handle, pets – anything you want!)

>> Please also send a photo of you or if you don’t have a photo that you want to send, a drawing/icon/photo of pet/anything that we can put in the About the Author photo section works too!

That’s it!

We will publish your article on our site as soon as possible.

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By Lydia, (9th grader, Bellevue) – I love doing art, and it’s always been a huge passion of mine. I discovered when I was little that I loved painting and drawing, and throughout high school, I’ve continued this passion. I’ve

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