Message from the Founder

My name is Carolyn and I am a high school student from Seattle. Growing up, I was always interested in STEM, however, I continuously found myself being the only girl in various clubs. I volunteered at many organizations and I noticed that a lot of girls were not provided the same opportunities for education as boys. I strongly believe in giving back to my community and helping others, so I founded Pencils 4 Progress, a youth-led organization that holds local drives, projects, and activities in the greater Seattle area, with the goal of providing more girls with the supplies and the support needed to build a strong foundation of education. Of course, this has been a team effort: I have worked with other girls at my school who were also passionate about this project, and am in the process of recruiting more volunteers. I am so grateful for the amount of support we have received throughout our projects in the Greater Seattle Area.

I wanted to create this website to be able to reach an even larger audience of girls by creating a platform through which girls from all different backgrounds and locations could share their experiences and offer their recommendations and resources for other girls.

My hope is that we can learn together and from each other, because we’re a team. We can make a difference and truly help others in our community and throughout the world.


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